In this episode, we're talking to Steve Phillips of The Pursuance Project. Pursuance is a new tool for organising activists and journalists online which springs directly from the work of journalist Barrett Brown and Barrett's experience handling the Stratfor HBGary leaks around 2012-2013, which resulted in him going to prison. We discuss the tech behind the Panama Papers and Snowden leaks, the details behind the HB Gary leaks, how Steve was inspired by the story of Anonymous' first big online hit and how organisational tools are the new frontier online - whether for corporate teams or activist groups. This is the first 45 minute of a fascinating 2 hour interview -- we'll be releasing the second part on Patreon first, and then on the main feed in due course.
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Dan Hassan is a very early Bitcoin enthusiast who's taking a different approach to making use of his cryptocurrency wealth. Instead of moving to Silicon Valley, buying a Tesla and funding dubious startups, Dan's helping activists and progressives find their feet in crypto -- with the aim of creating an extended gang of independently wealthy individuals who can dedicate themselves to disruption and the building of radical, new social alternatives. What could be more STEAL THIS SHOW? We met up with Dan to discuss the early days of Bitcoin and his roots in the anarcho-left; just how great a strategist Satoshi Nakamoto was; what it means that disruptive systems like darknet markets and unregulated ICOs are now so easy to stand up; how crypto investing could be a hedge against the rising instability of everyday life; how blockchain-managed personal data would almost certainly be an improvement over the Facebook 'voluntary surveillance' model; and perhaps most fascinating of all, Dan's take on Bitcoin and other peer-to-peer currencies - that regardless of the real utility value of crypto, big finance is coming soon ("That's Where The Cheese Is!") -- and it will take To The Moon to a whole new level.* *Please note, although we did manage to screw some crypto tips out of Dan, nothing in this show is to intended as financial advice. These are weird times. Literally no one can predict what's going to happen!

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