What is the alt-right, and what does it have to do with online culture? In this episode we meet Elizabeth Sandifer, author of Neoreaction, A Basilisk. Riffing off the material in her book, we talk through the origins of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, and a potential relation to 4Chan's Anonymous movement. Then we look at so-called Neoreactionary (NrX) theorists such as Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land, asking what it is they want for the world and what their arms may (or may not) have in common with early Marxism. Finally we look at the fascinating concept of The Great Filter: what is it, how do we survive it, and are Elon Musk, Nick Land and Peter Thiel all hunting for different solutions to the same problem? And last, but not least: the many lives of The Red Pill. Please note that although Elizabeth is referred to as 'Phil' and 'Philip' in the episode, she has since transitioned and is now known as Elizabeth.

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Lucas Marston (Hollagully) Original Music David Triana | Web Production Eric Barch

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