'Watch as Silicon Valley replaces everything with robots... Authorities release a geolocation app to real-time snitch on immigrants and political dissent... Government services fail....   Upheaval, polarization, politics as bankrupt as the financial markets–yet under crisis lies possibility.' 

These words are cut from the pages of Inhabit.Global, a pamphlet-platform-programme outlining what its members call an 'operation in a cyberwar'. Collectively and anonymously produced by a network of actors across North America, Inhabit.global presents a call to arms for a new autonomous, decentralized movement.

This interview introduces two Inhabit members to discuss the sharp end of decentralized autonomy as the network seeks to become a force for global change in the style of Anonymous, Lulzsec and other '4th generation warfare' non-state actors.

Starting from the principle that 'only the tech industry is allowed to change the world', the Inhabit.global network proposes repurposing the technologies around us to produce real social change. We discuss: what happens when AI replaces the middle class (lawyers, programmers, doctors); the politics of cryptocurrency and money as a protocol; and whether we still have the power to produce real change.