Jul 31, 11:05 AM

This is the pilot episode of a new format in which Jamie discusses the news with invited patrons and guests. This is the pilot episode of a new format in which Jamie discusses the news with invited patrons and guests.  In this episode, author and climate consultant Tim Reutemann, and ex-NSA analyst and NewGeld CEO Tim Ofril discuss: why NSA is getting a new Cybersecurity division; the latest advancements with CRISPR and potential IP problems; and Github's censoring of users impacted by US sanctions -- just another sign of the increasing politicization of online platforms.

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In this episode we meet Sean Tilley (aka @deadsuperhero) of We Distribute (and formerly the Diaspora project) to discuss: early days at Diaspora, the first Facebook alternative to really reach critical mass; the steady rise of Mastodon and why the Fediverse its gaining traction; some surprising factors pushing people to move from Big Social to federated social media networks; and whether technologists could (or should) move beyond de-platforming to begin refusing use of their technologies to those whose political ideas they disagree with.

This is the second part of a two-part interview with Tim Tayshun, bitcoin entrepreneur and activist, who dedicated himself to exposing the crypto ponzi scheme, OneCoin. We discuss: how the internet changed the business of running a ponzi; the similarities between scams like OneCoin and the crypto world's ICOs; how OneCoin modeled the way it moved money and on methods used by drug dealers; how Tim used memes to deal some deadly blows to the operation; and why Onecoin -- which by its own account should now be worth more than all US dollars in circulation --- still refuses to die.