FIRST MATES ($20/mo or above)

  Mark Zapalac (@mark_zapalac) hacks hardware and fights malware in Houston, Texas.


Eric Barch (@ericbarch) is a carbon-based lifeform building mesh networks for off-grid comms.

  Nelson Larios is a Software Developer and Metal Gear Solid specialist from Brazil.

 George Alvarez. [DETAILS COMING SOON.]


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CO-CONSPIRATORS ($10/mo or above)

matheny  Joseph Matheny is a writer and transmedia artist best known for the literary work Ong’s Hat


ernesto  Anonymous Benefactor is a software developer in the BitTorrent and Blockchain space.


ernestoErnesto (@torrentfreak) is Editor-in-Chief of TorrentFreak.


Sardonyx  administers systems and supports strong encryption.


  Duvda is a child of the internet, and digital explorer.


Glen Braun










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PIRATE CREW ($5/mo or above)

Ian Waring is a  senior wizard of Tech/Data/Analytics, building Serverless apps.

Aidan is researching the effects and opportunities of decentralisation and the commons for independent filmmakers.

Chaz Antonelli  is an old-school phreaker/hacker from the late 70s who now enjoys riding his motorcycle with his club, Empire City MC – the oldest gay men’s motorcycle club in the Americas.

Mendel Skulski is making water from the skies!

Fabian Utesch

John Hines — find John on ZeroNet 

Mr b00t3r

Stan Packard

Roger L @rogerlb  is in the film industry. His MA in the Moving Image Preservation program taught him that things don’t last.

Saskia Wilson-Brown has created an outstanding platform for the olfactory arts.

Louise Oldfield (@louiseoldfield) runs one of the world’s best B&Bs, walks her dogs and fights for your rights.

Jason Goff (@eske) is our first backer and the person who actually suggested this Patreon!

Donald Harvey (@ctrlaltdonald) lives in Bristol UK, and is a developer at Made of People.

Kim Lamarine lives, works and dodges the alt-right in Palo Alto, California.

Iain Cheyne (@icheyne) has a good Twitter feed and is an interesting chap. He has helped us out with transcripts 🙂

Zoe Sullivan (@zasilou) finds joy in the little things, and doesn’t fuck with crazy.

Michael Newman (@newmzy) supports good podcasts on Patreon, and lives in Perth, Australia.

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MUTINEERS ($2/mo or above)

Neil B, Quinn Van Order, Ean Thompson, Brett Gaddy, Eugeniu Belinksi, juice, Charlie Egan, Ed Price, Joel P., Alexander Wentland, Alexander Thompson, Manksalot, David Parrish, Ringolad, Jose Esparza, Jesus Nuno, George Potter, Alexander, James Frew, Tylor, Frank Olechnowicz, George Potter.

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