FIRST MATES ($20/mo or above)

  Mark Zapalac (@mark_zapalac) hacks hardware and fights malware in Houston, Texas.


Eric Barch (@ericbarch) is a carbon-based lifeform building mesh networks for off-grid comms.

 Nelson Larios is a Software Developer and Metal Gear Solid specialist from Brazil.


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CO-CONSPIRATORS ($10/mo or above)

matheny  Joseph Matheny is a writer and transmedia artist best known for the literary work Ong’s Hat


ernesto  Anonymous Benefactor is a software developer in the BitTorrent and Blockchain space.


ernestoErnesto (@torrentfreak) is Editor-in-Chief of TorrentFreak.


Sardonyx  administers systems and supports strong encryption.


  Duvda is a child of the internet, and digital explorer.



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PIRATE CREW ($5/mo or above)

John Hines

Mr Bootr

Stan Packard

Roger L @rogerlb  is in the film industry. His MA in the Moving Image Preservation program taught him that things don’t last.

Saskia Wilson-Brown has created a substantial platform for olfactory arts.

Louise Oldfield (@louiseoldfield) runs one of the world’s best B&Bs, walks her dogs and fights for your rights.

Jason Goff (@eske) is our first backer and the person who actually suggested this Patreon!

Donald Harvey (@ctrlaltdonald) lives in Bristol UK, and is a developer at Made of People.

Kim Lamarine lives, works and dodges the alt-right in Palo Alto, California.

Iain Cheyne (@icheyne) has a good Twitter feed and is an interesting chap. He has helped us out with transcripts 🙂

Zoe Sullivan (@zasilou) finds joy in the little things, and doesn’t fuck with crazy.

Michael Newman (@newmzy) supports good podcasts on Patreon, and lives in Perth, Australia.

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MUTINEERS ($2/mo or above)

Ed Price, Joel P., Alexander Wentland, Alexander Thompson, Manksalot, David Parrish, Ringolad, Jose Esparza, Jesus Nuno, George Potter, Alexander, James Frew, Tylor, Frank Olechnowicz , Jose Esparza, Jesus, George Potter, Alexander, Frank Olechnowicz, 

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