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In this special episode, we bring together STEAL THIS SHOW Patreon supporters Eric Barch and Joe Matheny to discuss a wide range of topics from filter bubbles and Jamie’s ‘bubble swapping’ concept, Joe’s attempts to create a standard for handling personal data online way back in the 90s, and the results of our mysterious, short-lived Tor spying experiment, Project Dirtbag. Project Dirtbag might have died a quick death, but the Patreon specials will live on!

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Riley Byrne
Original Music David Triana | Web Production Eric Barch

Presented by TorrentFreak

Sponsored by Private Internet Access & Premiumize

Executive Producers: Mark Zapalac, Eric Barch, Nelson Larios, George Alvarez.

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  • supergloom

    Crashes at 11:35 (and any point past that). Both here and on iTunes. Maybe it’s just my device but this hasn’t ever happened before. Hmm.

    • jamie

      Hi Supergloom! We couldn’t figure this one out but have uploaded a new version to see if it was an upload problem. Will try to get the torrent swapped out, too! Cheers – j

  • EmilyYell

    hard cuts before showcasing project dirtbag scrapes

    • jamie

      Thanks EmilyYell: could you give us a timecode? There’s something funky with this episode…

  • jamie

    with a bit of luck, this has been fixed. it’s still a mystery though 🙂