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In this episode, we connect with CEO of Storj.io, Shawn Wilkinson to discuss how BitTorrent-like swarms could be the future of online file storage. As well as beating services like Dropbox and Google Drive on price, Storj has built-in encryption that makes it impossible to snoop on files – plus its decentralized infrastructure makes it next to impossible to censor them or take them down. Sound familiar? Previous episodes on Zeronet, Yours Network, and the Distributed Library of Alexandria have proved that there’s a new groundswell of interest in peer-to-peer content services that put control of content back in the hands of users. Storj is already available in beta form and ready to test out today. Could this be technology that kills Big Content’s surveillance-ridden cloud? Tune in and find out!

Check out Storj.io for more information on the startup.

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Riley Byrne
Original Music David Triana | Web Production Siraje Amarniss

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Executive Producers: Mark Zapalac, Eric Barch.

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