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In this episode we meet Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay. We discuss how he survives under the huge (and growing) fines placed on him after The Pirate Bay trials in Sweden, and find out that all may not be what it seems in the world of pirate fines. We also learn why Peter got into an argument with Creative Commons founder Larry Lessig – and whether Trump could actually be a good thing for world politics; how 4Chan, Anonymous and Wikileaks became players on the political stage and how they function as new gatekeepers; how to survive in a world hitting ‘peak information’; and finally we return to the thorny issue of how to get creators paid in the emerging media landscape. Will we need a Universal Basic Income? Or does this just equate to a return to class society?

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Riley Byrne
Original Music David Triana | Web Production Erich Barch

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  • kieron George

    The episode cuts off early just as he’s talking about his projects.

    • jamie

      Thanks Kieron. This problem should be FIXED as of now. The squirrels responsible for eating the end of the episode have been disciplined.

    • Somewhat Reticent

      So constructive criticism is unpopular with publisher? No-warning timer?

      • stealthisshow

        Nothing so exciting, we just screwed up the encode! Should be fixed on reload :p

  • Many anarcho-capitalists, like myself, accept taxation as immoral. I’m all for getting people in need help. I just want the help funded in a voluntary way such as a friendly society, church, family and/or friends. It seems like a lot of people feel people should be taken care of like myself, you and Mr. Sundae, so I don’t think there will be a problem of support.

    Strict respect for private property is partly why I support your show. We should be allowed to use our property (computers) as we see fit as long as we are not harming anyone else. The people who try to restrict this freedom are the real thieves, IMHO, not the people who “steal this show”.

    • Somewhat Reticent

      Such idealism normally fails due to common imperfections: laziness, thoughtlessness, arrogance, etc. Setting up a well-vetted system with accountability and transparency, but respecting privacy, is not easy, and may not be possible.

      • I agree. Setting up a fair system that works is not easy, but it isn’t like sacrificing our sovereignty to the state is making anything easier. Anyway, it is impossible for me to ignore what I feel is immoral.

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