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Imagination… We wanna juice it. We want to to take it to another level with our technology. Whether it be with VR, or a pages of a book.

In this episode we meet Rand Miller, creator of the seminal Myst and Riven adventure games. We talk about the plans Facebook has to colonise VR; the roots of adventure games in D&D, MUDs and early hypertext technologies like hypercard; problems with middlemen and changing distribution models for content creators, such as Patreon and Kevin Kelly’s ‘1,000 Fans’ idea – and how the truly important thing about creation for Rand seeding something for the next generation of creators. Rand Miller’s latest game, Obduction, is out now on Steam.

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Riley Byrne
Original Music David Triana | Web Production Eric Barch

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Executive Producers: Mark Zapalac, Eric Barch, Nelson Larios

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