Jim Munroe is a Canadian science fiction author, film director and games designer. He publishes his work independently under the imprint No Media Kings. Jim was managing editor at the magazine Adbusters in the 1990s, before publishing his debut novel Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask in 1999. The novel was put out by HarperCollins, a major publishing company owned by Rupert Murdoch, and though the book was successful, Munroe so disliked the experience that he launched No Media Kings as a venue for publishing and promoting his own works independently, and a guide to self-publishing for other prospective writers. Join us as we discuss why an ex-Sony exec loves piracy, and if that marks the end of the cool pirate; why Millennials won't pay for content or watch adverts, and how to make them love creators; and how your operating system can be used to operate YOU - and not just by stopping you from pirating. Finally Jim discusses his new interactive fiction creation software Texture (try it! it's free!), and his virtual reality sci-fi series Haphead, and offers some great tips for creators looking to keep their heads in our dirty, digital world.

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In this episode we're joined by Devon Read and Ryan Taylor, co-founders of peer-to-peer upstart The Decentalized Library Of Alexandria. After discussing the blockbuster hack of Amazon's Fire TV stick, the increasing power of pirate movie release groups, and doomy announcements from China's 3DM cracking group about the future for cracked games, we take a deep dive into the Alexandria project, which sees its mission as providing an censorship-proof safe haven for indie creators and "truth speech" alike – although, as we discover, pirates may well be able to hitch a ride.

Produced & Hosted by Jamie King

Edited & Mixed by  Eric Bouthiller

Original Music by  David Triana

Web Production by  Siraje Amarniss

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