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This episode is part two of our interview with Joe Matheny. Part one, The Digital Underground, covered Joe's experiences running The Grey Lodge, an early, underground private torrent tracker used by millions of people per month. Part two covers Joe's groundbreaking ARG & literary work, Ong's Hat, and its place in early internet culture, before we veer off into a discussion about how the 'fakelore' methods Joe used in the development of that work connect to the meme wars of today and the increasing political importance of memes (e.g. Kek, the 'alt-right' appropriation of Pepe The Frog.) We also discuss the very improbable connection (it really is) between Joe and Jamie, and how Joe became a patron of the show himself; PLUS, the potential for Kodi addons as a distribution point for indie creators. A lockfile with all the links mentioned in this episode is coming up for Patrons. Enjoy!

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In this episode Natan Edelsburg and Minda Smiley, executive editor and reporter at media and advertising platform The Drum respectively, reflect on the future of Over The Top TV. We discuss how streaming services could ignite a new piracy war, Hulu's use of pirate data to decide what content to acquire, and how new moves from the FCC could land Popcorn Time on set top boxes in the US. Finally we eye a potentially unruly future for Over The Top, with the appearance of generic android-based hardware and easy-to-use, renegade services like Kodi and Viper Media. How will content producers and advertisers adapt? Listen out for the (actual) tweeting birds of Southern Spain in this episode - the show was recorded from our host's holiday location.

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