This episode of STEAL THIS SHOW is the last in Season One, Distribution On The Edge. Our next season will broaden its focus to look at how P2P is changing everything from media to money, and beyond.

Trevor Haldenby is the founder of The Mission Business, 'a boutique consultancy from the future' that helps organizations tell stories about their plans for tomorrow. Amongst others he's worked with Ubisoft, Habbo, and Autodesk.

We caught up with Trevor in his homebase of Toronto, Canada to hang out, cut loose and discuss wide-ranging issues such as: why fake pirated movies are annoying the MPAA, "Swedeing" films for fun and profit, how to run a phishing scam targeting Game Of Throne downloaders, professionally ignoring piracy fines, the history of the 911 scam, BiTorrent's 15th anniversary, and more!

Showrunner & Host Jamie King | Editor Riley Byrne
Original Music David Triana | Web Production Siraje Amarniss

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