In this episode, journalist and writer Joseph Menn discuss the seminal hacking crew Cult Of The Dead Cow. CoDC was one of the key forces behind the creations of 'hacktivism', which tries to contribute political change via formal and informal hacking operations. Of particular interest here is how CoDC's work has more than occasionally dovetailed with American foreign policy -- especially with regards to China. Joseph Menn is on Twitter @JosephMenn, and his book on the Cult Of The Dead Cow is available at all good bookshops.

Returning guest Holmes 'I'm on a boat' Wilson (Fight For The Future) checks in from... a boat in the harbour of Rio de Janeiro to discuss the ongoing attempt to extradite Megaupload's Kim Dotcom to the United States, why Creative Future is publicly dissing his organisation, and what (if anything) should come after big torrent sites. We then took another twenty minutes to discuss how decentralisation of media is contributing to the rise of the kek-worshipping alt-right. How does P2P affect political power in general? And what's the importance of meme-creation in a distributed media environment? All this and more in a bumper episode of STEAL THIS SHOW!

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