In this episode, I reflect on STEAL THIS SHOW episode S04E03, with Cory Doctorow. One of the big themes to come up in the conversation was the European Copyright Directive -- which, if passed early next year, will threaten the future of the Web as we know it. But does this threat to the future of the the traditional Web mean the moment of decentralized services like IPFS and Blockstack has finally come?

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In this episode, we meet Ryan Shea, co-founder of Blockstack -- the bold, ambitious project to create a new, decentralised internet in which users own their data and keep control of how their apps run, not Big Content. We discuss why the internet needs re-decentralising, if and how to pull users away from reliance on monopoly platforms like Facebook and Google, and look at some of the interesting disruptions being caused by blockchain based currencies. Plus, Ryan and Jamie float a scheme for a blockchain-powered 'rare meme' economy - drop us a line if you want to get involved!

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