In this first episode of our new season, we interview Tamas Kocsis, founder and developer of the potentially revolutionary P2P platform, Zeronet. While it's a relatively new project with just a few thousand users, we love Zeronet: it gives us the ability to develop completely distributed websites, invulnerable to censorship of any kind. With Tor anonymity baked in, at least on the Windows version, that creates a very powerful environment for free expression. Tamas talks us through the history of the platform, some of the features he's working on at the moment, and his plans to add a BitTorrent plugin that may be able to provide distributed, anonymous video streaming - sounds like a new headache for Hollywood just around the corner. But Zeronet isn't just a about torrents: we also hear from Tamas how it can be used right now to set up anonymous messaging, forums, marketplaces, and more. Zeronet has the potential to be the platform that finally moves us past the constant "whack-a-mole" game being played between torrent sites and Big Entertainment. With Kickass Torrents and YIFY both having succumbed recently, and calls from TPB's Peter Sunde for more innovation from the P2P world, perhaps Zeronet is a project whose time has come.
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