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In this episode we meet ZCash's Paige Peterson. ZCash is a privacy-enhanced fork of Bitcoin that can provide fully anonymous transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography. We discuss ZCash's relationship to Bitcoin and why Bitcoin could use a community manager; how the first P2P revolution in filesharing is segueing into the P2P money revolution - even bringing along some of the same developers; the role ZCash could play in hyperinflated economies like Venezuela's, and even closer to home; how (and if) government can continue after a general shift to using crypto as money; and finally we delve into New Hampshire's libertarian Free State Project, whose participants are doing a kind of 'live philosophy' on how future communities run on Bitcoin or ZCash might work. Could we have socialism without centralisation or 'big government'?
Paige has been immersed within the peer-to-peer technology world for 5 years and counting. Through roles with mesh networking startup Open Garden, P2P torage and communications company, MaidSafe, and as Co-organizer for the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup, she has gained appreciation for the diverse applications of decentralized networks. She is interested in a wide variety of digital media and tech entrepreneurship and is an advocate for open standards, user privacy and decentralized technologies. After receiving a BFA practicing experimental tech art with a strong focus on complexity in nature, her interest was drawn towards political and technological activism centering around concepts and tools for individual empowerment.

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