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‘Solarpunk Social’, with Scuttlebutt

In this episode we meet Zenna, Andre and Zack from Scuttlebutt, a P2P-based social ‘network of networks’ based around a BitTorrent-like distribution technology.  After figuring out what Scuttlebutt is (and is not) we discuss: the... Read More
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‘Printing A New Reality’, with Cory Doctorow

In this episode we meet Cory Doctorow, sci-fi author and co-founder of Boing Boing. Cory’s most recent book, Walkaway, is a story of refusing a life of surveillance and control under a high-tech oligarchy and the struggle... Read More
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‘Crypto & The Beyond’, with Primavera De Filippi

In this episode, we meet Primavera De Filippi, author of the recently published ‘Blockchain and the Law‘, from Harvard University Press (co-authored with Aaron Wright). Primavera is interested in how the law will change to... Read More

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